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Hi, i’m caroline,

A self confessed multi passionate woman and entrepreneur. I decided many moons ago that I was not going to live a life of mediocre. I was going to design fashion that I loved wearing and I knew other women would too.

Being an entrepreneur, Designer and Mentor I tend to have a go too style of skinny jeans, a luxe tee and leather jacket or blazer, constantly running between meetings, photo shoots and meeting female creatives who I mentor. I need a wardrobe that does everything for me and i figured if I needed it, then other women would need a Luxe wardrobe with capsule, timeless pieces that you could mix and match too. Make you feel confident AF whilst being affordable but looking luxury.

Fast forward to today, Our label has won numerous awards from Fashion Designer of the Year, Designer of the Year. We have dressed Celebs, showcased at New York Fashion Week. Hosted our own fashion events in LA with more to come and are stocked in some of the most luxury stores in the world.

Am i living my dream? pretty much. To see women look and feel confidence in our collection is my jam. Helping female creatives build their own online businesses and have a luxe lifestyle is also my jam.

The ultimate goal for our label and our sister label. The Luxe Collective is to create an educational platform for women in business and also to create a foundation ran by women to fund other women in business.

Big Love and Good vibes,

Caroline xx


Staying True to your brand is important as a designer. The power of staying in your own lane, focusing on you as a designer will be the greatest gift you can give yourself. So many creatives especially designers struggle with this one as they are surrounded by designers and other creatives and worry about who we are in this world. Be you and only you! That is your power… Enjoy